Prayer for relationship restoration

No relationship is perfect. There are moments when you are struggling with depression and heartache in the absence of your ex. In such a case, you want to restore your relationship with your ex. It may seem hard to do so, but staying faithful to God and reciting a prayer for relationship restoration would be effective in this case. That’s why Whereyoupray is going to present some powerful prayers that help you restore your relationship. The prayer for relationship restoration includes a prayer to remove obstacles in a relationship, St. Anthony’s prayer for love, Catholic prayer to bring back lost love, prayer for a strong relationship, prayer for reconciliation with an ex, and relationship prayers that work.

Prayer to remove obstacles in a relationship

By Thy unspeakable grace, Thou hast sent Thy holy Son into the world, O Lord, to bless me with Thy discernment and support so I can remove obstacles in my relationship. Wherever I go, Holy Father, I seek Thy holy presence. Heavenly Father, please turn not away from me, who pray and invocate Thee for a loving relationship with my partner. Dear Lord, I have approached Thee in the hope and confidence of Thy glorious mercy, by which Thou hast sent Thy holy Son to salvage everyone from obstacles of any kind. Loving Father, I recite the prayer to remove obstacles in a relationship and humbly implore Thee to give me guidance, peace, and love as I recite a prayer for relationship restoration so that I can feel loved when my partner is by my side. Great God in heaven, make me happy and hear my cry of supplication so that I can remove obstacles in my relationship and restore it. Amen.

St. Anthony’s prayer for love

Dear St. Anthony, you are the gentlest and kindest of all Saints. Loving St. Anthony, your exalted virtue, and your great charity towards poor and needy people has made you worthy among us. O Great and Generous St. Anthony, I’m in dire need of a miracle in my life because I want to restore my relationship with my partner and feel loved again. Holy saint, please listen to my supplications when I recite St. Antony’s prayer for love so that I can remove the barriers holding me away from my partner. Kind and generous St. Anthony, uplift me through your truthfulness, piousness, and righteousness and help me wait patiently for the time my partner comes back to me. Dear, St. Anthony, you are considered as one of the greatest saints and I’m sure you will answer my prayer for relationship restoration. May your words give me strength and encouragement to make sound decisions when I meet my partner again. Amen.

Prayer for a strong relationship

Merciful Lord, Thou hast the potential to govern everything in heaven and earth. I meekly beseech Thee to hear the request of Thy servant and guide me in such a way that I may do my duties faithfully in my life so I can incessantly abhor that which is sinful and cleave to that which is right when I recite the prayer for a strong relationship between me and the love of my life. Loving Father, make me be at peace in the face of tribulation so that I can enjoy Thy unconditional love and compassion in all my born days when I constantly recite the prayer for relationship restoration. Lord God, give ear to my prayer and make my partner be at peace. Great Lord, help me restore my relationship, for I follow Thy will and am devoted to Thee. Amen.

Prayer for reconciliation with an ex

Loving Father, my strength, on Thee I cast my petitions with humble confidence and know Thou hearst my prayer for reconciliation with my ex-partner. Gracious God, bless me with Thy love and wisdom and uplift me through Thy grace so I can make my ex-partner come back to me and reconcile with me. Grant me guidance and faith, Lord God, to walk in Thy way and improve my personality to the extent that I can fire up our love and increase the chance to be by his/her side one more time. Great Lord, Thou art my succor and salvation for I rest upon Thy Word and I’m certain that Thou wilt watch out for me whenever I put my burdens on Thee. Give ear, O Lord, to the prayer for reconciliation with my ex-partner and forgive me for not behaving properly with him/her. Great God in heaven, hear my cry of supplication when I call on Thee and ask Thee to accept my prayer for relationship restoration for Thou art the only one who canst do wondrous things. Help me, O Lord, that I may walk in Thy truth. Amen. (To read more prayers see prayer for reconciliation with an ex.)

Relationship prayers that work

Thou art the everlasting Lord. Thou art my compassionate and merciful Lord. Dear Lord, I would like to thank Thee for pouring out Thy boundless blessings upon me. Great Lord, I’m well aware of my sinful state and I repent for the times I have gone my own way and chased idols. Holy Father, I’m really ashamed of not being able to put trust in Thee. My strength, forgive me for not placing Thy glory first in my heart. Loving Lord, many times I have displayed ignorance and not listened to Thy calm, peaceful voice. Forgive Thy sinful servant, Loving Father, and have mercy on me. Holy Lord, I meekly ask Thee to incline Thy ear and listen to me when I recite relationship prayers that work for I need Thy help to do whatever it takes to restore my relationship and be with my partner again. O Father, give me Thy faith and let Thy prayer be always on my mind and my lips when I read a prayer for relationship restoration. May Thy glory offer me support to move forward, even in times when I am doubtful and despondent. Amen.

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